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PAX East 2011

Pax East is a 3 day gaming convention in Boston, MA. There are free console and PC play areas, along with classic console and arcade rooms. In the main exhibit halls, some of the most well known game dev companies are represented. They bring their best and new products to show off to the gaming community. Microsoft, Capcom, Ubisoft, Turtle Beach, Tritton, Nintendo, Valve, EA, NVIDIA, Alienware, Logitech, and WB Games, were just some of the bigger companies. There were also some indie devs.

I had a 1 day pass for the convention for Friday. I was by myself for most of the day so I didn’t really want to wait in the lines alone. I did get into some shorter lines such as for the Nintendo 3DS. I actually got in 2 of those lines – one for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D and Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition. I also played Castle Crashers on the PS3 in the form of an arcade cabinet. I probably got in a few more short lines but I don’t remember for what.

There were some cosplayers that I saw but I wouldn’t say there were many. It was probably because it was a Friday. There were tons of guys there and not many girls. Most of the female population there were “booth babes”. There was a really tall girl, cosplaying as C. Viper (Street Fighter). She looked awesome! Later on in the day, I saw another C. Viper that didn’t look very good at all….

I was expecting Sony to be there. They had a spot in the booth map that I saw – but I didn’t end up seeing them, I don’t think. I was hoping to get my hands on the new PSP2 aka NGP.

I got some free swag from a bunch of booths! Logitech t-shirt, buttons, cups, candy, stress ball! Oh, and can’t forget the souvenir traffic cone hat from Plants vs Zombies! An iPad was being given away randomly to someone wearing a cone hat. I was convinced that they were not actually giving an iPad away; they were just making us all look stupid with a cone on our heads :-p

Memorable highlights from PAX:

  • Classic arcade room (Food Fight, Krull, Outrun, Gauntlet II, After Burner)
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Rock Band stage
  • Giant skeleton robot from Red Faction
  • 3D gaming on PCs from NVIDIA
  • Duke Nuken Forever
  • the environment (over 60k+ people, no fights or anything)

PAX East 2011, Boston, MA (Boston Convention Center)

Red Faction robot that you could go inside

The Vectrex, circa 1982

Duke Nukem Forever


Deciding on what video game system to own?


X BOX 360

Source: Vinny’s signature on CAG


Sony Playstation 3

Source: Cindy Lee

Finally, I gave in – so Daniel and I got a 80GB PS3! I mostly wanted it for Street Fighter IV. I did not own any next-gen consoles – well, I have a Nintendo Wii but that’s not exactly “next gen”. Anyway, I researched and researched and decided that the Playstation 3 is the ultimate (and only) next-gen console. It has everything I need and more. The main features that won me over were the built-in wifi and free online gaming/downloading. Daniel wanted the blu-ray disc player so… it was a done deal.

Our first 2 blu-rays are Cars and No Country for Old Men.

Our first download-only game was Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. It kinda sucks, but maybe the “turbo” option is not turned on by default because the gameplay is VERY slow.

Our first store-bought game is LittleBigPlanet. This an exclusive game for the PS3. This is a platformer (like Mario) that has a cutesy feel to it. Highly recommended game!