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iPhone Game: Unblock Me Free

Unblock Me Free is a puzzle slider game where your goal is to move the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. The Free version of this game comes with 400 puzzles in the Beginner level. That’s hours and hours of play time! There is also 2 game modes – relax and challenge mode. It even keeps track of all the levels you’ve cleared. This is a really simple but very very addicting game that’s worth a try, even for gamers who aren’t extremely into puzzle games (like myself).

I play this game a lot, especially because I commute on the train every day to and from work – total of about 1.5 hours a day. Some levels can be quick and easy but some levels can be longer and more challenging. I am currently on level 344 and when I beat level 400, I plan on purchasing this game.

Currently, this game costs $0.99, has 17 reviews and a rating of 3.5 stars. The paid version will have 4 difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert, making it 1600 unique puzzles total. I highly recommend giving the free version a shot!


iPhone Game: World of Tunes

So many people are using their iPhones as a music player and a portable gaming device. It’s unfortunate that there are so few (GOOD) music rhythm games out. Luckily, I’v come across World of Tunes, a colorful game filled with cool music and great graphics.

In this game, an evil bad dude has stolen all of the music from the World of Tunes. It is up to you and all of the Tuneys to get rid of the bad dudes and get all of the music back.

The gameplay in World of Tunes is very similar, if not identical, to Elite Beat Agents on the Nintendo DS. Tuneys, the little circular blue dudes will pop up from the bottom of the screen inside some sort of bubble circle. When that circle gets close enough to electrify the Tuneys, their eyes will bulge and you tap them with your finger. This is –should– be all done to the beat of the music. Though, I can’t really match the rhythm to the beat of the music. It may just be me! Anyway, the goal of the game, much like any other rhythm game, is to keep the meter at the top of the screen from going empty before the song ends. Every time you miss a Tuney, your meter will drop.

There are some other cool things in the regular gameplay such as getting huge combos (which result in a higher score per Tuney tapped), larger Tuneys that bounce around and require 3 taps, and Tuneys that you need to drag across a path.

The music is pretty cool. The song is different on every level, allowing for different experiences because of the the tempos.

The only complain I really have is that World of Tunes is too short. The entire game is made up of only 10 levels; 6 regular and 4 boss battles. I beat this game this morning on my train ride into work (~40 minutes).
A few other modes are available outside of the standard story mode. I’ve only played the story mode and DJ mode so far. In DJ mode, the Tuneys pop up in straight lines to make the game easier. It’s similar to Tap Tap Revenge, Rock Band, or Guitar Hero.

Although being a short game and costing $1.99, I’d still recommend World of Tunes. It’s an awesome rhythm game for the iPhone – it’s very fun and addicting. Try the Lite version (2 levels) to see for yourself!

The 2 other rhythm games I own on my iPhone are: Dance Dance Revolution S & Tap Tap Revenge 2.


iPhone App: Beejive IM

If you’ve been looking for the best multi-IM client on the iPhone… here it is!

For a limited time, you can purchase Beejive IM via the iTunes App Store for only $9.99, original price is $15.99. It’s on sale until 4/30/09 so HURRY!!! …only 2 more days 🙂

I’ve only had this app for a few days but I can tell you if you’ve used IM+, Nimbuzz, Palringo, and Fringo…. Beejive has the best interface and most custom settings! One major complaint I have is the keyboard lags from time to time when you type but it is a known issue and they will be fixing it – when??? you ask…. I don’t know! Hopefully sooner rather than later though.


  • Be connected 24/7 (you can choose to stay online on their server even after you exit the app, you can choose to stay on from 10 minutes – 24hours after you exit the app)
  • Works with multiple IM networks & multiple accounts per network (I personally use AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Facebook but there is also iChat/MobileMe, MySpace, GoogleTalk, ICQ, & Jabber)
  • Automatically reconnects in case of data service disruption, including phone calls & loss of cell coverage
  • Real-time chats: quick switch between multiple simultaneous chats (there is even a “shake to switch between chats” option)
  • Push email alerts for incoming chats
  • Click to browse, call, or send an email directly from the chat screen (you can even go to a website without leaving the app, gives you the option to use Webview or Safari)
  • Email yor chats


  • Set custom status messages, be invisible, set an auto-away status, & change privacy controls
  • Buddy icon support for AIM®, Yahoo®, Gtalk®, MSN®, & Jabber
  • Customizable sound, vibrate, & LED settings and an optional global popup on new messages
  • Customizable chat skins, wallpapers & emoticon support
  • Full Unicode support, chat in any language supported by your iPhone


Sennheiser RS 130

I ordered a pair of refurbished Sennhesier RS130 headphones from B&H Photo Video over a month ago. They arrived very quickly!! So I ripped open the box as soon as it arrived – tried them on – they looked really big on my head. My coworker calls me Princess Leia now. I wear these headphones at work for 8 hours (straight – pretty much) every day (Mon-Fri). These are the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn. Well – I don’t have much to compare it to. I have a POS pair of JVC headphones that would hurt my ears after about 1.5 hours of wearing them. These Sennheisers are great – sound quality and comfort. The charging base is awesome. When you need to charge your headphones, just hang it on the charger. There is nothing to plug it into.

On to pricing – I only paid $75 for them! List price at Amazon is $159. I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase. I’d highly recommend a pair if you can fork up the cash.

Source: Cindy Lee

Source: Cindy Lee

Source: Cindy Lee



Today I tried a Naked Bare Breeze Watermelon Chill. The ingredients include: white grape juice from concentrate, watermelon juice from concentrate, lime juice, apple juice, strawberry puree, aronia juice concentrate, natural flavors, vitamin c, vitamin b, vitamin b5, vitamin b6, and vitamin b12. My initial thought was: Cool! I can actually taste the watermelon flavor in this, wait, what’s this… limey taste to it? …indeed it was lime juice. I didn’t read the label until after I took my first sip of course :-p Overall, the taste is good – the lime is kinda weird but bearable. The Watermelon Chill is a “refresher” – a thin drink.

This is much better than the last Naked drink I tried – the Green Machine. It was ok, but the after taste was nasty, you could really taste the broccoli, wheat, garlic, etc. The best Naked drink I’ve had so far though is the Mighty Mango. It’s a thicker smoothie drink… like the Green Machine. It’s very mangoey!!


Stoney Creek Inn

Stoney Creek Inn offers steamed crabs year-round for eat in, take out and shipped next day. This restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri on Food Network. The seasoning rub they use on their crabs looked really good. Their website doesn’t say what the prices are since they offer different sizes but I’m assuming its not cheap :-p I bet it’s really good though! Stoney Creek Inn has a variety of crab dishes – crab cakes, fried hard crab, soft crabs, Maryland blue crabs, crab pretzel, crab toast, crab soup and more! There are also other non-crab items – check out their menu to see a full list of what they serve!

Maybe we’ll find our way to Stoney Creek Inn one day.

Stoney Creek Inn
8238 Ft. Smallwood Road
Baltimore, MD 21226
(410) 439-3123