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The 24 year-old web developer who wants to get out of student loan debt as soon as possible


7:15AM: Pack breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is a strawberry yogurt and a banana. Lunch consists of last night’s leftovers (chicken & rice). My mom packed my lunch for me since she was making lunch for herself as well. This is usually the normal routine every morning.
8:45AM: Check my Citizens Bank checking account to see if the $7,320.37  I transferred over last week has made it from my ING Direct account yet. Indeed it has. I will be calling later when they’re open to see how much I owe them for a student loan (including interest) because I want to pay off the entire loan immediately.
9:00AM: Checking and they’re open from 8am-8pm today! Going to call them now.
9:05AM: Just got off the phone with a representative and she said they pay off would be $7,432.68 if I pay within the next 15 days (before December 1, 2009). Perfect! I’m going to send that money off right now!
9:12AM: I’m getting to the screen where I need to confirm my payment. My heart is beating fast. This is the most money I’ve ever spent on anything! But it’s good that I can pay off on a loan, so I don’t need to pay unnecessary interest. I don’t like to throw money down the drain.
12:00PM: Been thinking long and hard about buying an Xbox 360 for the past few weeks (almost bought one last xmas). I was going to wait for Black Friday or Xmas sales (since it’s almost that time) but several friends told me that video game systems rarely go on sale, and besides, the Xbox had a price cut this year. So I finally went ahead and purchased one on! I got the Elite Holiday Bundle which comes with 2 free games and free shipping ($269.99). I got a bunch of accessories to go with my new console. I didn’t purchase them from Dell though. Shopped around for deals and Amazon seemed to have the best prices, plus free shipping. I picked up an Energizer rechargeable stand ($29.49), 2 rechargeable battery packs ($11.49), and 1 extra wireless controller for my boyfriend ($37.49). As for games, I only got Halo 3 ($34.99) since the bundle already came with 2 games. The last thing I got was an HDMI cable ($11.99). So the order from Dell was $286.86 + the order from Amazon was $136.94, making the grand total from both places including tax = $423.80.
12:31PM: Eating the lunch I brought today. Yum! Checking for when my loan payments are due (Dec. 1). I’ll schedule a payment either at the end of this week or a week from today. Checking credit card accounts. Shopped at Gap a few weeks ago for some new adult-looking clothes. Decided to treat myself since I got paid for my freelance project (built a website). I discovered that I don’t need to pay my Gap credit card yet but I will do it anyway since I’m there and have enough in my checkings to pay it ($116.90).
6:00PM : Dinner at home (cost $0).
Total for DAY ONE: $7973.38



7:20AM: Pack breakfast (yogurt and banana) and lunch (leftovers) – same routine as yesterday.
10:00AM: Decided to get a hot chocolate, from the company kitchen (out of the Starbucks machine we have).
1:00PM: Eating the lunch I packed this morning – rice, pork, and taro. For my drink, I have company-provided. water.
1:30PM: Saw Ramit’s tweet and wanted to get his book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” from Borders since I had a 20% off coupon that’s still good for the next 2 days. Decided to check out the local library to see if it’s available. It’s not! It’s not in the library. I may decide to get it, since it’s only $13.95 but with the 20% off, it’s about $11. I’ll go print out the coupon incase I decide to buy it.
7:15PM: Went to dinner with my parents at 99 Restaurant, they picked up the tab so dinner was free tonight.
Total for DAY TWO: $0



8:00AM: Decided to stay at home and work today. Turns out, my xbox360 that I bought on Monday is being delivered today! No breakfast.
11:42AM: Xbox is still not here! I’m starving because I didn’t eat any breakfast this morning. I think I might make some lunch – ramen and duck ($0).
7:30PM: Ate dinner at home again so didn’t spend any money on that.
8:30PM : Went holiday shopping at the mall for my boyfriend and got him something ($31.82). I also picked up an Acai smoothie ($5.30).
9:00PM: I still didn’t receive my receipt from the Apple store but I’m not too worried since I don’t think I need to return it.
Total for DAY THREE: $37.12



7 :30AM: Packed breakfast (yogurt and banana) and lunch (leftovers).
10:22AM: Decided I’ll pass on using the 20% off at Borders coupon I printed out on Tuesday that expires today. I was going to get Ramit Sethi’s book, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”. It’s about $11 on Amazon but I’d have to pay for shipping. At Borders, it’s about $13 but with the 20% off, it’s about $11. I was going to get it at Borders but decided that I don’t need to go looking for books since I have a bunch of Dresden Files books already, plus Borders normally has 30% off coupons I can wait for if I really want to buy it. Then there’s also the library, which I’ve already checked (all taken out by someone already).
1:00PM: Ate the lunch I brought from home (roast pork and rice).
6:00PM: Ate dinner at home.
Total for DAY FOUR: $0



7:30AM: I did not pack a breakfast or lunch. No breakfast because I had a banana from yesterday left over that I could eat. No lunch because I’m going to my Taekwondo class after work so I don’t have room in my bag for a lunch which means I’ll be buying it today.
9:00AM: Internet at work goes down for me for about 10 minutes so I decided to get a hot chocolate from the company Starbucks machine ($0).
1:00PM: Went to lunch with my coworker and his wife at Qdoba. I got a taco salad with a small soda ($9.29).
1:55PM: They needed to go to the grocery store next door so I went with them. When they were checking out. I found $17 in the self check out thing so I decided to give $5 to my coworker to sponsor his grocery purchases since I wouldn’t have even gone to Shaw’s if it wasn’t for him – so this leaves me with a plus $12 today!
5:30PM: Went to dinner at Panera Bread with my friend Wei. I had a mac & cheese and chicken noodle soup ($7.80).
Total for DAY FIVE: $ 4.80



12:15pm: Slept in late today. Much needed rest! I’ve been getting so little sleep all week. My brother and his fiancee came over so my mom had cooked lunch for us all ($0). She made fried rice. During lunch, I asked my brother to see if he had time to drive me to Best Buy and Borders to pick up a few things I’ve wanted.
1:30PM: We arrived at Best Buy and I purchased Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox360 and a 12 month subscription to Xbox Live so I can play online ($93.73). It came with a free tshirt (men’s XL) that I won’t be wearing in public.
2:00PM: Arrived at Borders. I bought Ramit Sethi’s “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” book ($10.37) with a 30% off coupon.
5:30PM: After playing Modern Warfare 2 for several hours, it was time for dinner! I went to a Chinese restaurant with my mom which she picked up the tab for like she normally does. Occasionally, I will treat her to dinner but not today ($0).
7:00PM: We ran some errands at the grocery stores but I didn’t buy anything ($0).
Total for DAY SIX: $104.10.



9:15AM: Every Sunday, I work at the Taekwondo school I train at (10am-4pm). The normal routine is that my mom will pick us up some breakfast – got me a sponge cake ($0) – then she’ll drop me off at the school also. My mom picked up my lunch today as well (same thing – a sponge cake) because I decided I needed to save money since I had spent so much this week (very unusual).
10:46AM: Mental note: Today is the 22nd, I need to pay my credit card bill, Sallie Mae student loans and transfer money to my ING savings account.
5:30PM: Dinner at home ($0).
10:52PM: Just remembered that I need to pay my bills tonight.
11:05PM: Paid for my credit card bill ($691.38).
11:15PM: The monthly payment for my student loans with Sallie Mae is $527.93 but I always like to pay $1,000.
Total for DAY SEVEN: $1,691.38

In sum: I have spent a a ton of money this week! Most of it was spent on a student loan though so I think that makes it okay! I also don’t buy new video game systems every week so I think that was an unusual purchase also. Otherwise, my food purchases are pretty normal. I normally buy lunch on the days I go to Taekwondo because I can’t fit my lunch in my bag when my uniform is in there too =p I don’t think I make many impulse purchases. I normally research to make sure I want it then I will research for the cheapest price as well.