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White People Stuff I Need to Do

I am a first generation American, born into a Chinese family who immigrated from Hong Kong decades ago. I feel that I have missed out on a lot of great, fun white/American people activities . So now, I am taking this opportunity to think of things that white people do for fun that I have never done before and really should. As I think of other things to do, I will add them to this list and I will strike out things as I experience them. This is meant to be serious but sort of funny… enjoy =D

  1. visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida >> May/June ’09 – can’t wait to go back!
  2. make and eat s’mores >> July ’09 – had some for July 4th in VA!
  3. go hiking >> Aug ’09 – the great Southwest (Arches Nat’l Park, Utah), it is amazing out there!
  4. carve a Halloween pumpkin
  5. full-on multi-day camping in the woods
  6. cross-country road tripping
  7. build/watch a bonfire
  8. play paintball with friends
  9. go to a costume party >> or a party in general, this item seems doubtful, I hate socializing 🙂
  10. crash a wedding >> also doubtful
  11. ride in the back of a pickup truck
  12. attend a Nascar race
  13. go kayaking
  14. go white-water rafting
  15. visit Sea World in Orlando, Florida
  16. toast and eat a marshmallow on a stick at camp
  17. visit Busch Garden in Tampa, Florida
  18. hike Mount Rushmore in Keystone, South Dakota
  19. own and wear an argyle sweater >>Wore a purple argyle sweater with beige and pink
  20. promise to learn a new language >> currently learning Mandarin and Japanese
  21. eat hummus >> Aug ’09 – I had a hummus/pita dip appetizer in Utah, not interested in getting it again
  22. ride in a hot air balloon
  23. read The Onion >> And this is how I discovered it – Apple iWheel – I totally fell for it, it looked so real!
  24. go off-roading >> Aug ’09 – Arches National Park, Utah in a Ford F150
  25. go scuba diving
  26. take a year off
  27. social networking >> done, done, and done! Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and personal blogs FTW!
  28. double dutch jump rope >> I missed out on that in elementary school 🙁
  29. eat at white people places like Chipotle and Panera Bread >> been there, done that, love it!
  30. go rock climbing >> went once at Blue Hills
  31. watch a play >> have seen Shear Madness in Boston multiple times!
  32. watch a musical >>July ’09 – Lion King The Musical on Broadway in NYC for my 24th birthday
  33. build a gingerbread house (a real one, not a milk carton one like in elementary school)
  34. go to Disney World for Christmas
  35. watch A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) >> Dec 2009
  36. watch Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) >> Dec 2009
  37. watch Frosty the Snowman (1969)
  38. watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966) >> Dec 2009
  39. watch A Garfield Christmas Special (1987)
  40. eat a cannoli
  41. eat ribbon candy
  42. drink sparkling cider
  43. build a snowman
  44. Journey with Gentle Giants @ Georgia Aquarium (Swim or Dive program)
  45. PADI Scuba Certification
  46. build a sand castle
  47. go to a county fair >> July ’10 – Frederick County Fair for my 25th birthday


New Blog: Ninja CSS

I’ve just started a new blog called Ninja CSS where I will put up HTML/CSS/Javascript issues I come across. If I have a solution to the problem, I will also post that. I’ll also write about anything I come across that might be seen as helpful or cool to a front-end web developer (aka ME).


你好 :)

Welcome to KewlieTown! This is where my new blog will live.