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MBTA rant

Today, on the train into work, I was standing next to a guy with a bag and a bike helmet clipped to it. He constantly turned – don’t know what he was looking at – hitting me each time; never appologized. Then at one point, he dropped his arm from the pole to grab a book out of his bag. And yes, in the process, he managed to slam his arm into mine; again without appologizing.

I spent the remaining time (standing next to him) trying to come up with the best technique to use on this douchebag should the perfect opportunity arise. I decided that a swift kick to the shin (or calf) or an accidental elbow to the kidneys would do the job nicely.

Alas, a seat freed up so I took it. I still continued to plot though.

oblivious to anyone around him

PS: I thought knifing him in the back would be fun too. Oh, wait, this is real life; not MW2…