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Today, I was bored so I looked up how to take a good self-portrait. I learned several methods to do so:

  • Use a tripod and self-timer
  • Use a mirror
  • Ask a friend

I chose the first method: tripod and self-timer. I setup the Manfrotto tripod with my Nikon D5000. I went out to the balcony while the sun was still up. First, I set up the camera in the spot I wanted. I then stuck my  hand out as far as I could and used Manual mode to focus in on my hand. The hand indicated where I would be standing (well, supposedly anyway). The camera doesn’t need to focus on the subject the photo will be a shot of (my face). It just really needs to focus on something that is the correct distance from the camera. I guessed; I was a little off though. Others suggested that you could use a stand in, such as a friend, or even a stuffed animal, to get the correct focus.

I think it came out well, except that my face is out of focus (but ears are focused). I guess I stood a tiny bit too close to the camera.

Oh well – attempt # 2 will come soon.