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License To Carry – Class A – All Lawful Purposes

A couple months ago, I took the Basic Firearms Safety Course at the Massachusetts Rifle Association (MRA) in Woburn. I passed the NRA test without an issue. I procrastinated for about a month, then I called my local licensing officer at the Braintree Police Department to set up an appointment to drop off “the packet.” The appointment was this morning and I think everything went well.

Officer Jack Twohig informed me that the process usually takes about 4-6 weeks. He will be able to start the process today for me but I need to show proof that I have a gun club membership as soon as possible. If I wait too long, my application will get denied. So tomorrow night, I am going to the MRA to sign up.

These are the non-standard rules that are specific to Braintree only:

  • 5 letters of recommendation (cannot be from relatives)
  • Gun Club membership
  • Application fee must be in cash

Just as a way for myself to keep track of how long this process is going to take, I’ve made a list of all major events:

  • 10/15 – passed BFS course
  • 11/17 – called to make appointment at Braintree PD
  • 12/6 – dropped off “the packet”, photo and fingerprints taken
  • 12/7 – dropped off MRA membership confirmation letter
  • 1/19 – picked up LTC – A – Restrictions: None