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iPhone App: Beejive IM

If you’ve been looking for the best multi-IM client on the iPhone… here it is!

For a limited time, you can purchase Beejive IM via the iTunes App Store for only $9.99, original price is $15.99. It’s on sale until 4/30/09 so HURRY!!! …only 2 more days 🙂

I’ve only had this app for a few days but I can tell you if you’ve used IM+, Nimbuzz, Palringo, and Fringo…. Beejive has the best interface and most custom settings! One major complaint I have is the keyboard lags from time to time when you type but it is a known issue and they will be fixing it – when??? you ask…. I don’t know! Hopefully sooner rather than later though.


  • Be connected 24/7 (you can choose to stay online on their server even after you exit the app, you can choose to stay on from 10 minutes – 24hours after you exit the app)
  • Works with multiple IM networks & multiple accounts per network (I personally use AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and Facebook but there is also iChat/MobileMe, MySpace, GoogleTalk, ICQ, & Jabber)
  • Automatically reconnects in case of data service disruption, including phone calls & loss of cell coverage
  • Real-time chats: quick switch between multiple simultaneous chats (there is even a “shake to switch between chats” option)
  • Push email alerts for incoming chats
  • Click to browse, call, or send an email directly from the chat screen (you can even go to a website without leaving the app, gives you the option to use Webview or Safari)
  • Email yor chats


  • Set custom status messages, be invisible, set an auto-away status, & change privacy controls
  • Buddy icon support for AIM®, Yahoo®, Gtalk®, MSN®, & Jabber
  • Customizable sound, vibrate, & LED settings and an optional global popup on new messages
  • Customizable chat skins, wallpapers & emoticon support
  • Full Unicode support, chat in any language supported by your iPhone


New Blog: Ninja CSS

I’ve just started a new blog called Ninja CSS where I will put up HTML/CSS/Javascript issues I come across. If I have a solution to the problem, I will also post that. I’ll also write about anything I come across that might be seen as helpful or cool to a front-end web developer (aka ME).